🏠Self Hosted

This sections covers If you are looking for a self hosted version of Incidence Response

With seamless accessibility through the cloud, users can easily leverage its powerful features, scalability, and continuous updates to enhance their workflow and productivity. However, recognizing the unique requirements of some businesses, we also provide a flexible self-hosted option. This allows organizations to deploy and manage the software on their own infrastructure, providing them with complete control over data security and customization. Whether users prefer the convenience of SaaS or the autonomy of self-hosting, our product ensures a reliable and feature-rich experience, empowering businesses to thrive in their respective domains while meeting their specific operational preferences.

Following are the aspects/pros of self hosted version of Incidence Response

  1. Own Slack App with Whitelabeled in your brand

  2. Own your own data

    1. Own Incident Data in your cloud

    2. Your own Slack App will read messages

    3. You maintain your own integrations

  3. Choose your own workflows

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