📒Manage Tasks within Slack

Create , Assign, Follow up Tasks within Slack itself. Assign Tasks to current on call/ rotation, round-robin , randomly or to specific user Also connect external sources like Pagerduty, Google Sheets, Jira , Hubspot, Salesforce, Asana or any other tool of your choice

With Pagerly, you can do the following within Slack

  • Quickly Create Tasks

  • Transition Tasks within Slack

  • Create Tickets Automatically

  • Connect your external source like

    • Ticketing tools like Jira, Linear

    • CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce

    • Support like Zendesk

    • Your choice of tool

  • Assing Tasks to

    • Current Oncall OR

    • Current Rotated User OR

    • Assign in Round Robin manner OR

    • Specific Individual OR

    • Randomly from a Team

Go to any message and click on 3 elipses and Choose Create a Task

Add Task Label , choose whom to assign and team.

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