🌀Overriding Team's Schedule

With Pagerly, you can override / modify / assign current to some other user from Slack itself

With this feature, any Slack user can take over the current oncall too

For overriding any oncall schedule:

  • Fetch the current schedule using /schedule <team> command as discussed in the previous section

  • Choose the oncall user to want to override

  • Now, you can override that oncall user with a different assignee and customized time period

You can see the Team Name, Schedule Id and Current Schedule. You can override with :

  1. New Assignee -> Select the user from your workspace to be oncall for the new time period

Please select only that user which is part of that oncall schedule. Otherwise, you would face some issues

  1. Choose the start and end date for this oncall time period of this new assignee

  • Submit by clicking on Override Schedule Voila!! You have successfully changed your Oncall Schedule. You would automatically see the updated schedule.

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