🤝Mention/Group Multiple Oncals

With Pagerly, you can configure MultiMention Teams, with which you can mention multiple oncalls together

In today's complex and interconnected systems, incidents can arise from various parts of your organization. Pagerly's "Mention Multiple On-Calls" feature equips you with the ability to notify all relevant on-call teams simultaneously, ensuring that the right experts are informed promptly,

Here are some of the use cases of Multi Mention Team

  • Cross-Functional

Some incidents require the expertise of multiple teams to be resolved effectively. With this feature, you can bring together developers, operations, and support teams in one go, enabling faster and more coordinated incident resolution.

Ex : Use @frontend-oncall mentions @andriod-oncall, @ios-oncall, @web-oncall

  • Scheduled Maintenance or Upgrades

Scheduled Maintenance or Upgrades: Even planned activities can encounter unexpected challenges. By mentioning all relevant on-call teams, you can ensure a rapid response in case any issues arise during maintenance or upgrades.

  • Geographically Distributed Teams

If your organization has teams spread across different time zones, mentioning multiple on-calls ensures that incidents get immediate attention, regardless of the hour.

  • Escalation Pathways

For critical incidents that need immediate attention, you can set up escalation pathways. If the initial on-call team doesn't respond within a specified time, the system can automatically notify additional teams, ensuring that incidents are addressed promptly.

  • Product Launches

Product Launches or Updates: During product launches or updates, multiple teams are involved in ensuring a smooth release. Coordinating these efforts is vital, and this feature enables you to keep everyone on the same page.

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