🛠️Configuring Team for Cloud Cost

Follow the following steps to Add Rotation in Pagerly

  1. Go to your Home view in Pagerly Cloud Cost App in Slack

  2. Click Add Team

  3. Setup Team

  1. Team name: To uniquely identify the team in Pagerly

  2. Team channel: Slack Channel to receive the Cost and Report

  3. AWS STS IAM ROLE ARN: The IAM role was created last step.

  4. Frequency: When to receive the reports

    1. For Daily Frequency, you have All 7 days, Monday-Friday, Monday-Saturday

    2. For Weekly Frequency, you can choose any day of the week

    3. For Monthly, you can chose the day of the month

  5. Time: At which time to receive the report

  6. Team Tag (optional) & Team Tag value (optional) : If you want to recieve report only for certain tags .

  7. Pricing Alert : The price you want the alerts as soon it croses the threshold

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