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We realise each team and engineers love to according to the workflows they like

With Pagerly services, you have the ability to create your own workflows and customize them according to your needs.At Pagerly, we understand the unique needs of your organization. Our platform offers extensive customization options to tailor the incident management process to your specific requirements. From incident workflows to report formatting, we put you in control.

Feel free to reach out to our support team for personalized assistance with customizing your incident management setup. We're here to help you get the most out of Pagerly and ensure seamless incident management for your business.

Following is the NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST of customisation we support. These are the common themes we have encountered for customisation

  1. 1.Ticket routing and creation

    1. 1.Severity SLA

    2. 2.Ticketing Board

    3. 3.Assignee

    4. 4.Action Items :

      1. 1.Ticketing Board

      2. 2.Assignee

    5. 5.Taggings: Labels and Components

  2. 2.RCA Templates Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a crucial process for identifying the underlying causes of incidents or issues. Our platform provides customizable RCA templates to streamline the RCA process and ensure comprehensive incident analysis. With our RCA templates, you can:

    • Document incident details, timelines, and affected services.

    • Identify contributing factors and potential causes of the incident.

    • Conduct a thorough investigation to pinpoint the root cause.

    • Propose and implement effective corrective and preventive actions.

    • Collaborate with teams to gain insights and build a knowledge base.

  3. 3.Teams and Services

    • Service Categorization: Group your technical services into logical categories based on their functionalities or ownership, making it simple to identify which teams are responsible for each service.

    • Incident Routing: Set up automatic incident routing based on the affected service. When an incident occurs, it will be directed to the appropriate team or team members responsible for that specific service.

    • Service Ownership: Assign clear ownership for each technical service, enabling efficient communication and accountability during incident resolution.

    • Dependencies Mapping: Map dependencies between services to better understand the impact of an incident on other interconnected services. This aids in prioritizing incident response efforts.

  4. Links for DebuggingTo streamline the debugging process and expedite incident resolution, our platform offers links with popular debugging tools.

  5. 5.RunbookEnsuring all incident response procedures and best practices are readily available during critical situations. With the Runbook integration, you can:

    • Access detailed step-by-step instructions and procedures for incident resolution.

  6. 6.ReportingOur platform empowers you with customizable incident reports and analytics to improve incident management. Generate insightful reports to:

    • Track incident trends and patterns over time.

    • Monitor the efficiency of RCA and incident resolution efforts.

    • Identify areas for improvement and implement data-driven changes.

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