🗒️Integration with Jira

Most Engineering Teams prefer to use Jira to track incident and post-incident items. With Pagerly, you can efficiently manage Jira Tickets on Slack

With Pagerly, you can achieve the following (detailed in the following sections)

  • Get SLA Alerts/Reminders: Pagerly enables you to track all Jira tickets passing their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) directly within Slack. You can easily view and monitor these tickets' status, progress, and resolution time, ensuring prompt action and preventing any potential breaches on the team's Slack channel

pageIntegration with Jira
pageIntegration with Jira
  • Handover Oncall Reports: Pagerly automatically generates detailed reports that provide a complete overview of incidents, responses, resolutions, and on-call team performance. Use these reports to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your incident management process.

  • Tickets & Comments on Slack: With Pagerly, your incident tickets on Jira, can be followed on Slack. Pagerly would automatically mention the current oncall of the team on Slack itself

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