🛠️Microsoft Team Setup

This section covers if you are setting up Pagerly on Microsoft Teams.

Go to Pagerly App

Follow the following steps to setup Pagerly in Microsoft Teamseam

Step 2: Setup Integration : Click Connect in the Integration Section

Step 3: Choose your Integration : Pagerduty, Opsgenie, Google Calendar

Step 4 : Add API Key and Users who would have access to API key management. Click Add key Follow this steps to retreive API Key
Step 5: Click to Add Team and all Information
  1. Team name : This would be your Team Name which be will used to mention current oncall like @Pagerly <teamname>. Ex @Pagerly devops in below config. Team name should be unique

  2. Channel : All your team channels where you want to receive updates whenever oncall is updated/ rotated

  3. Your Schedule Id : The schedule you want to sync. schedule Id

Step 6. Submit Team. Go to your team's channel setup above and use @Pagerly <teamname> . You are set to go!

We are now ready to test and play with Pagerly for this team

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