🧯Pagerly Incidence Response

Pagerly an incident management ChatOps bot for Slack to allow your teams to easily and effectively identify and manage technical incidents impacting your cloud infrastructure, your products

With Pagerly, you can now let Pagerly focus on creating resources, assembling participants, sending out notifications, tracking tasks, and assisting with post-incident reviews; allowing you to focus on actually fixing the issue!

Pagerly helps us effectively manage security incidents by deeply integrating with existing tools used throughout an organization (Slack, GSuite, Jira, etc.,) Pagerly is able to leverage the existing familiarity of these tools to provide orchestration instead of introducing another tool.All of the ad-hoc things you’re doing to manage incidents today, done for you, and a bunch of other things you should've been doing, but have not had the time

Incident response without context switching

  • Focus on the Incident, rest Pagerly would take care

  • Lower MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve)

  • Incident Response without Context Switching Handle incidents without the need to switch between different platforms or tools. Respond seamlessly using a purpose-built Slack interface, streamlining your incident management process.

  • Conduct the Entire Incident in Slack Manage the entire incident lifecycle within Slack, allowing for smooth collaboration among team members. This streamlined ChatOps approach ensures efficient communication and problem-solving.

  • Seamless Collaboration with a Purposeful Slack Experience Experience a purposefully-designed Slack environment that facilitates effortless collaboration. This setup optimizes ChatOps functionality, making it even better than you imagined.

  • Empower Responders and Eliminate Guesswork Equip every engineer to become a confident incident responder by providing step-by-step guidance tailored to your specific workflows. Remove uncertainty and empower your team to handle incidents with ease.

  • Unified Access to Data and Tools Integrate all your essential tools directly with Pagerly, creating a centralized entry point for responders. This consolidates data, providing a reliable single source of truth for thorough analysis and resolution.

Customization with your own workflows

With Pagerly, users can enjoy the luxury of creating customizations and workflows tailored to their specific needs for incident management. This flexibility empowers teams to implement efficient processes aligned with their organization's unique requirements, enhancing incident resolution and overall security posture. Check full details in Customisation and Workflows

What it Does For You (Full Details in Next Section)

  • Helps you declare and run incidents. All the automation you'll need to organize, strategize, and explain

  • Assists in identifying and notifying the appropriate personnel to handle incidents, automatically adding groups or users to address urgent situations promptly.

  • Manages the gathering and structuring of information, documentation, and evidence related to incidents. Automatically generates postmortem documents with a chronological timeline and attached evidence, while collecting relevant data.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your preferred tools, allowing teams to be paged through PagerDuty, uploading postmortem reports to Confluence, updating Statuspage directly from the communication channel, and instantly generating Zoom links when needed.

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