🗒️Google Sheets with Slack

With Pagerly, you can easily have 2- way sync between Google Sheets and Slack Pagerly

Some of the workflows you can achieve:

  • Sync your Oncall Schedule on Google Sheet with Slack

  • Sync Tasks and Tickets on Google Sheet with Slack

  • You can set up reminders for the upcoming Schedule

  • You also can reschedule, reassign events and rotations and oncalls

  • Create an override within Slack itself without going to Google Calendar.

  • Mention and Tag the current rotation easily on any thread or Slack conversation.

  • Pagerly would also update your team's channel topic with the current rotation

Step 1 :Go To Pagerly Slack App in your workspace
Step 2: Click on the Connect Button next Configure Paging/Schedule Tool
Step 3: Choose Google Sheets
Step 4: Complete Google OAUTH flow

Note: Complete the Google Oauth Flow with the user who has access to the Google Calendar

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