📖Retrieving Schedule Id for OpsGenie

This section covers if you integrating OpsGenie. If you are using any other tool you can skip this section.

In OpsGenie, every team has lots of services. Each service has an escalation policy. Each escalation policy has an oncall schedule rotation associated with it.

In Pagerly, the schedule id is the id of this rotation schedule for which you want to manage the oncalls. Pagerly would fetch the current oncall from this schedule so that use mention/tag this current oncall anywhere on Slack

Your schedule Id can be found on the schedule page URL


You can fetch the schedule id as follows

  1. Go to your OpsGenie account and go to the Who is on-call tab (https://<company>.app.opsgenie.com/schedule/whoIsOnCall)

  2. Select the schedule you want to configure.

  3. Check the URL of the schedule. The last part of the URL would be Schedule Id. Copy that and add in the team configuration as the Schedule Id.

For example, in the account below 👇 , the Schedule Id for the "payments_schedule" Rotation is eb4109a3-75e4-443d-8efa-427dd3a9513f

Copy that Schedule Id and Paste it into the Schedule Id section of the Add Team Configuration.

Click on Create Team and Your Team setup is completed 🏁🏁

We are now ready to test and play with Pagerly for this team

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