🛠️Configuring Team

This section covers how can you configure your team in Pagerly

With Pagerly, you can create your team within slack itself.

Each Team has the following properties:

  • Name / Slack Command : This is your team name and the slack command that would be used to mention the current oncall , fetch oncall schedule, etc. i.e. You can use

    • @Pagerly <team> : To mention the current oncall on any Slack Thread

    • /schedule <team> : To fetch the team's oncall schedule. You can then manage( view, override ) from Slack itself There are some gotchas to keep in mind which selecting the command name :

      • Single word only : You can only put a single word while choosing the command name. You can combine long name with underscores, hypens, etc

        • You can use names like : dev-on-call , dev, dev_on_call

          • You cannot use names like : dev on call, payments team 2

          • Cannot use the name help : This is due to slack limitation of keeping help as a reserved keyword . You can use ``@pagerly help`` for help needed in the command

  • Usergroup : If you want to have a custom command like @dev-on-call instead of @Pagerly dev-on-call or If you already have a usergroup and you want the current oncall(s) to be automatically added to the usergroup, you can use this property. Pagerly would automatically fetch the latest oncall(s) and add the users in the usergroup and remove others

For Usergroup to work : Pagerly App uses Slack's User Group feature to create an @mention for every rotation. Please make sure you have it enabled for everyone in the workspace settings .

  • Automated Reply : To add a fixed reply when your oncall is mentioned. Works only with @Pagerly commands. You can put SOPs, Troubleshooting docs, etc in automated replies. This would help in saving precious oncall time since some of the queries can be automatically taken care of 💰💰

  • Team Channel: The slack channel which would subscribe for any oncall handover / oncall rotation change. On any change in oncall rotation, you would receive 2 notifications on this slack channel

    • Channel Topic Update : Your slack channel topic would be automatically updated with the current oncall. It would look something like this 👇🏻

    • Channel Message : Your channel would receive a notification on the oncall change 👇🏻

  • Schedule Id : This is the main property of the team which maps the oncall rotation schedule in your paging tool . (more discussed in detail in further sections)

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